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  Fiscal Contact
  GIS Data Maintainer
  GIS Local Data Steward
  LCPA (Local Collection Point Administrator)
  PSAP Administrator
  PSAP LASO (Local Agency Security Officer)
  PSAP Operations Manager


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NG911 Portal roles are specific to 911 related job activities. If your job is outside of 911, please select "Other".

Fiscal Contact : The person who is responsible for receiving 911 fee fund payments, accounting for those payments, etc.
(County Clerk, County Treasurer, County Financial Officer, etc.).

GIS Data Maintainer : The primary person who will be performing the actual maintenance of the GIS datafor the
agency. The Local Data Maintainer may also serve as the Data Steward.

GIS Local Data Steward : The person responsible for assuring maintenance is performed on the GIS data for the
agency. The Local Data Steward must be a staff person for the City or County responsible for the PSAP, even if
a vendor handles the actual data maintenance. The Local Data Steward may also serve as the Data Maintainer.

LCPA (Local Collection Point Administrator) : Works for the Council tracking and administrating finances.

PSAP Administrator : The person who has overall responsibility for the administration of the PSAP. (911 Director, 911 Communications Director, Sheriff, Police Chief, 911 Coordinator, etc.)

PSAP LASO (Local Agency Security Officer) : Ensures local PSAP abides by NG911 security requirements. Can be performed by the 911 Director or a separate party.

PSAP Operations Manager : The person who manages operational aspects of the PSAP. (Dispatch Supervisor, Chief Dispatcher, Head Dispatcher, etc.)

PST/Supervisor : Individuals who either serve as a PST or oversee PST's on a shift and may help PSAP leadership with data entry in the portal or setting up new users. (PST, Dispatcher, Telecommunicator, Shift Supervisor, Working Supervisor, Assistant Director)

TSP : Telecommunications Service provider